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Core Collective is not for the faint hearted. Here you’ll find seriously motivated gym goers that have a strong passion for health and wellness. But even the most hardcore yogis enjoy a great brew, which is why they serve up delicious cups of Ozone Coffee as a post-sweat sesh revival!

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Just a hop, skip and a jump from Canada Water station, theLodge.space is a cosy neighbourhood cafe with light and spacious yoga studios at the back. Try an aerial yoga class then replenish with a great Ozone brew after.

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The browned butter and cherries make these waffles the perfect complement to many nutty South American coffee beans or fruitier Ethiopian varieties. Cherries are also at their best in July, and there are few better ways to enjoy them than in a warm, syrupy compote drizzled over coffee-laced waffles.

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